Postal charges

Great Britain  & Belgium - All items £3.99

Zone 1 : Germany, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands  - Clothing £10,   Latex sheets and Vacuum Beds £15.00

Zone 2 : Rest of Europe,  - clothing £12.00. Latex sheets £15.00 per sheet, Vacuum Beds £35.00

Zone 3 : USA, Australia and Canada - clothing £12.00. Sheets and Regular Vacuum Beds £35.00, Larger vacuum beds £65.00

Rubberpigs Rubber uses a variety of different shipping methods dependant upon destination.

To ensure privacy all items are shipped without any visible reference to Parytbois Rubber.

A signature is required upon delivery, any items lost or damaged will be replaced, refunds are only provided upon confirmation and acceptance from the delivery agent of such a claim.

Import duty if applicable is payable upon receipt, for returns any postage is payable by the customer

Please note with returned items postage is not refunded