Bio hazard codpiece
* Interchangeable cod piece pouch.* The pouch is detachable allowing you to swap and change, it fast..
Cod piece briefs
* Backless briefs* Detachable premium cod piece pouch * Choose your favourite colour..
Cod piece jock - various colours
* Interchangeable cod piece pouch* 3 Panel pouch* The pouch is detachable allowing you to swap and c..
Cod piece jock- various pouches
* All black waist band and straps in 0.8 thick rubber* Choose your favourite colour for the centre s..
Contrast briefs
* Stand out in these briefs* Choose main colour* Choose stripe colour* Made from 0.4 thick rubber..
Horny pig jock
* Let the pig out* Made from 0.8 thick rubber..
Jock strap
* For those who intend to buy different pouches.* Once you have the jock strap you can swap and chan..
Limited edition cod piece
 * Interchangeable cod piece pouch..
Locker room jockstrap
* Shaped pouch* Choose main colour* Extra thick waist band and straps..
Pig Jock
* You'r a rubber pig and proud* Translucent rubber pouch* Made from 0.8 thick rubber* Please contact..
Rubber toe socks
Moulded rubber toe socks in Translucent (natural), Red and BlackSizeSmallMediumLargeUK5.5 - 6.57 - 8..
Rubberpigs jock
* Made from 0.8 thick rubber* Please contact us for more colour options ..
St Georges codpiece
* Our distinctive codpiece pouch in white with red cross.* The pouch is detachable allowing you to s..
Stirrup socks
* Choose main sock colour* Choose stripe colour..
Swimmer briefs
* Even if your not into water sports, these are horny* Made from 0.4 thick rubber* Choose your own c..
Translucent cod piece
* Interchangeable cod piece pouch* The pouch is detachable* Translucent rubber..
V2 briefs
* Contrast colours* Choose main colour for front of briefs* Choose panel colour for back of briefs..
Zip jockstrap
* This sexy jockstrap has a crotch zip* Comes with a 2 inch zip guard* Choose your own colour and st..
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