About RubberPigs

We won’t be charging you for an expensive website or over paid models; but prefer to concentrate on producing high quality goods at prices we can all afford.

The Rubberpigs formerly known as PartyBois Rubber was formed by a small group of latex lovers who became unhappy with over priced and poorly

made latex clothes which had been mass produced in sweatshops.

Rubberpigs believe that everyone should look good, feel sexy and have fun when wearing latex. Whether you are a novice first timer or an experienced latex lover, we aim to deliver what you want and at a price that's affordable, we take the time to listen and understand your needs, it's important that you feel comfortable and get the right product for you, so don't worry we've probably seen and heard it before.

Don’t be shy and immerse yourself in the pleasure that comes with latex.

Release your inner pig, PLAY HARD