Anal Plug , with Cock and Ball Ring
Target every male erogenous zone with one simple tool! This stimulator can be worn during sex o..
Ball gag
This silicone ball gag with leather side straps and a lockable buckle..
Bone gag
Is your puppy in need of some training? Then this gag from the Master Series collection is an indisp..
Cock ring set (pack of 4) This week end only 99p
This 4 ring cock set comes with four cock rings measuring 40mm, 45mm, 50mm and 55mm 5mm thickness ..
Draw String Logo Bag
Great for when your out and about, a place to store your items, let the world know your a rubberpigT..
Grey Gas Mask
This is a Russian GP5 gas mask in greyTo measure use head circumference just above eye browsPlease n..
Inflatable mouth gag / breathing tube
This rubber inflatable gag is held in place by adjustable rubber straps or popper studs which allow ..
Metal Cock Ring With Anal Plug
Comes in 3 sizes this metal cock ring has an anal plug. This sex toy is made of strong and durable m..
Metal Penis Cage With Lock
This penis cage with lock from the Sinner Gear collection is indispensable in the world of BDSM. &nb..
Pig mask
Made from extra thick high quality rubberHas a zip at the back for easier fitting..
Silicone puppy play butt-plug
each your dog a new trick when you stuff them full of this massive tail plug! Its tapered tip will h..
The 5 Bumps
Color: Black/Purple/FleshLength: 19.9cmDiameter: 6cm(max)Material: TPE..
The 5 Bumps Handler
Color: Black/Purple/FleshLength: 28.5cmDiameter: 6cm(max)Material: TPE..
The Big Plug
Color: Black/Purple/FleshLength: 14.8cmDiameter: 6.5cm(max)Material: TPE..
The Big Stopper
Color: Black/Purple/FleshLength: 19.5cmDiameter: 7cm(max)Material: TPE..
The Grape Tree
Color: Black/Purple/FleshLength: 14.8cmDiameter: 6.5cm(max)Material: TPE..
The Hung Wolf
Color: Black/Purple/FleshLength: 18.5cmDiameter: 6.7cm(max)Material: TPE..
The Ribbed Plug
Color: Black/Purple/FleshLength: 21.9cmDiameter: 5cm(max)Material: TPE..
The Rugby Plug
Color: Black/Purple/FleshLength: 16.3cmDiameter: 6.8cm(max)Material: TPE..
The Xmas Tree
Color: Black/Purple/FleshLength: 19cmDiameter: 7.8cm(max)Material: TPE..
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