Bondage sack
* The ultimate bondage experience, made from high quality rubber in either 0.4, 0.6 mm thickness.* E..
Easy Vacbed
This is our easy vacbed and has a neck gasket so that your head is outside of the bed, great for peo..
Expert Vacbed
This is our expert vacbed and comes in a variety of colour options, translucent are always popu..
Non return valve
* This air valve, non return, is suitable for those people wanting to buy a vacbed and build their o..
Sleep sack
* Our amazing sleep sack. Made from high quality rubber in either 0.4, 0.6  thickness.* En..
Standard  Vacbed
This is our standard Vacbed in black, other colour options available in our expert rangeThe bed is 1..
Touch Vacbed
Our touch vac bed has sleeves for your arms, leaving your hands free to playThis bed has a full leng..
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