1 Kilo off cuts
This is a 1 kilo bag of black 0.4 rubberOff cuts from the gear we makeBag will contain various shape..
Anatomical  toe socks
Moulded rubber toe socks   Size Medium ..
Black Elbow gloves
* Perfect for fisting * 4 sizes: small, medium, large or extra large ..
Black Play suit
* Chaps style with easy access to crotch and arse* neck entry Our suits are individually hand m..
Black Shoulder gloves
Perfect for fisting, this pair of thick black latex gloves are strong yet stretchy to accommoda..
Black Wrist gloves
* Perfect for fisting* Four sizes: small, medium, large or extra large ..
Bostik 3851 Latex glue
Bostik 3851 solvent based adhesive, the only glue we use in making Rubberpigs gear and the only prod..
Complete set #1
Many times we are asked whats a good outfit to start with ? We think this is the perfect combination..
Complete set #2
Get you jock on. this complete set includes*  Rubberpigs Tank Top complete with pig logo* ..
Face mask (medical/butchers)
* Add mystery to your play session * This mask is designed to curve over the nose and chin ..
Fist Aroma 3 x 25 ml VERY STRONG
World famous Fist room odouriser,  comes in a large 25 ml bottle, buy 3 save £££Directions..
Fist Lube 150 ml
The original and still the best water based lube (150 ml). Perfect for all types of play, toy and co..
Gold colour codpiece jock 26 - 28 inch waist
* Suitable for a 26 - 28 inch waist * 3 Panel pouch* The pouch is detachable allowing you to sw..
Jock chaps
* These shorts have a larger opening at the front, perfect if wearing a jock* Open back for easy acc..
Large Ultimate rubber combo pack (3 x 250 ml)
Provides all your rubber solutions * Ultimate dressing aid 250* Ultimate polish 250* Ultimate c..
Locker room jockstrap
* Shaped pouch* Choose main colour* Extra thick waist band and straps..
Piss Top 37 " / 35 "
 * Sleeveless top in translucent yellow* Piss on back of shirt* Suitable for a 37 inch chest / ..
Red  Wrist gloves
Regular black jockstrap
 * Shaped pouch* Extra thick waist band and straps..
Rubber cotton T-shirt
Sam Browne chest Strap
* Fully adjustable front buckle with re-enforced eyelets* Made using thick re-enforced rubber* Fits ..
Small Tank top
* Pre made (Small) ready for immediate posting* Designed and cut to show of your physique* Choose yo..
Choose your favourite colourWe will contact you after order to obtain all the necessary foot measure..
Standard  Vacbed
This is our standard Vacbed in blackThe bed is 1 meter wide, 2.5 meters long.This bed comes with 2 f..
Ultra Violet Rave Strap
These simple little bicep strap, looks sweet and innocent, ( don't we all ), but stand under a UV Bl..
Uniform gloves
* Moulded gloves (Seamless)* Hemmed at the wrist for strength..
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