1 Kilo off cuts
This is a 1 kilo bag of black 0.4 rubberOff cuts from the gear we makeBag will contain various shape..
Complete set #1
Many times we are asked whats a good outfit to start with ? We think this is the perfect combination..
Complete set #2
Get you jock on. this complete set includes*  Rubberpigs Tank Top complete with pig logo* ..
Rubber pig wrist wallet
* Choose your favourite pig logo colour* Matching plastic popper fasteners (no more stained rubber f..
Rubberpigs cotton t-shirt
* Black cotton t-shirt* Orange pig logo..
Ultimate rubber combo pack
Provides all your rubber solutions * Ultimate dressing aid* Ultimate polish* Ultimate cleaner8 ..
Ultra Violet Rave Strap
These simple little bicep strap, looks sweet and innocent, ( don't we all ), but stand under a UV Bl..
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