Please note all clothing sold in this section are pre-made "one off" individual items, discount codes can not be used on these items.

Bicep strap
* Bicep armband strap, choose your own colour* Made from extra thick rubber* Buy 2 save £1 (please m..
Black rubber sheet
This fashion quality rubber sheeting from radical rubber is 0.4 thick,choose your own size..
Bone gag
Is your puppy in need of some training? Then this gag from the Master Series collection is an indisp..
Latex care powder 250g
The all-in-one care powder for your latex clothes.Helps protect your clothes in storage.Makes slippi..
Set 01
Many times we are asked whats a good outfit to start with ? We think this is the perfect combination..
Ultra Violet Rave Bicep Strap
These simple little bicep strap, looks sweet and innocent, ( don't we all ), but stand under a UV Bl..
White Starter Suit
A simple yet effective neck entry suit, in white,  ideal for people on a budget but still fully..
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