1 Kilo off cuts
This is a 1 kilo bag of black 0.4 rubberOff cuts from the gear we makeBag will contain various shape..
Anatomical  toe socks
Moulded rubber toe socks   Size Medium ..
Black Elbow gloves
* Perfect for fisting * 4 sizes: small, medium, large or extra large ..
Black Play suit
* Chaps style with easy access to crotch and arse* neck entry Our suits are individually hand m..
Black Shoulder gloves
Perfect for fisting, this pair of thick black latex gloves are strong yet stretchy to accommoda..
Black Wrist gloves
* Perfect for fisting* Four sizes: small, medium, large or extra large ..
Bostik 3851 Latex glue
Bostik 3851 solvent based adhesive, the only glue we use in making Rubberpigs gear and the only prod..
Moulded in high-grade black latex this thin veined sheath fits snugly over the whole cock and balls ..
Moulded in high-grade black latex this thin veined sheath fits snugly over the whole cock and balls ..
Complete set #1
Many times we are asked whats a good outfit to start with ? We think this is the perfect combination..
Complete set #2
Get you jock on. this complete set includes*  Rubberpigs Tank Top complete with pig logo* ..
Face mask (medical/butchers)
* Add mystery to your play session * This mask is designed to curve over the nose and chin ..
Fist Aroma 3 x 25 ml VERY STRONG
World famous Fist room odouriser,  comes in a large 25 ml bottle, buy 3 save £££Directions..
100% black cotton baseball cap with the iconic FIST logo embroidered front and centre in red and whi..
Fist Kit
*  Fist room odouriser 25 m* 10 x Nitrile dispoable gloves (5 pair)* J Lube 284 g ..
Fist T-shirt (black)
* Fisted T-shirt* 100% cotton* Iconic logo ..
Jock chaps
* These shorts have a larger opening at the front, perfect if wearing a jock* Open back for easy acc..
Large Ultimate rubber combo pack (3 x 250 ml)
Provides all your rubber solutions * Ultimate dressing aid 250* Ultimate polish 250* Ultimate c..
Red  Wrist gloves
Regular black jockstrap  36 inch waist
 * Shaped pouch* Extra thick waist band and straps..
Rubber cotton T-shirt
Rubber Pillowcase
* Latex Pillowcase* Size 50 cm x 75 cm* Choose your favourite colour ..
Sam Browne chest Strap
* Fully adjustable front buckle with re-enforced eyelets* Made using thick re-enforced rubber* Fits ..
Choose your favourite colourWe will contact you after order to obtain all the necessary foot measure..
The Stretch cock sleeve is super strong and super stretchy and moulds perfectly to your cock so..
Translucent briefs
Ultra Violet Rave Strap
These simple little bicep strap, looks sweet and innocent, ( don't we all ), but stand under a UV Bl..
Uniform gloves
* Moulded gloves (Seamless)* Hemmed at the wrist for strength..
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