Part Exchange / Repair service

All Rubberpigs gear is automatically covered for free repairs caused by accidental damage  for 12 months from date of purchased, at no cost to you except for any postage costs, we regret in some instances an item may be damaged beyond repair, in this case please check our part exchange scheme

We also repair gear manufactured by other companies for a small fee.

If you have any old gear, gear that  no longer fits or you no longer use it we offer our PART EXCHANGE SCHEME, we also accept gear that is damaged and cannot be repaired 

Our discounts range from 10% -  20% discount on the total value of your next Rubberpigs outfit in part exchange, even if the outfit is made by another company or is beyond repair. Please send us

1. Details of damaged item, including original manufacturer name

2 Picture of item

3 Details of product you would like to purchase

We will  then be able offer a provisional discount value, subject to your item being received by us

Send to [email protected]