MRMX Competition

Experience day

* No cash alternative or exchange

* Valid for 2 people, may be gifted to third parties with prior and agreed consent from Rubberpigs

* Valid for 12 months from date of competition, experience day  to be taken on a mutually agreed date with Rubberpigs, dates subject to availability

* Once booked date can not be changed without consent from Rubberpigs

Years supply of sleeveless T-shirts

* No cash alternative or exchange

* 12 sleeveless T-shirts will be supplied by Rubberpigs over a 12 month period, Rubberpigs reserve the right to alternate the frequency of distribution

* Colour of sleeveless T-shirts will be random and chosen by Rubberpigs

* All T-shirts will display the Rubberpigs logo

Design your own surf suit

* Winner to work with Rubberpigs to design their own surf suit, Rubberpigs reserve the right to amend or alter any design including choice of colours, zip and codpiece options

* Design to feature Rubberpigs logo

* The winner is invited to visit the Rubberpigs workshop where they will be photographed in their winning design