Latex care


Rubberpigs rubber is leached to remove the substances which can cause allergic reactions, however, residual proteins and chemicals in natural latex may cause an allergic reaction in a very small number of people. If you are susceptible to allergies caused by latex, you are advised not to come into contact with this product. 

When you receive your rubber or latex goodies from Rubberpigs you may notice that your item has had talc applied prior to dispatch, this protects the item, but don't worry this item can be restored to its former glory with the application of some silicone lubricant, we recommend Pigshine polish

Keep away from any source of moisture, heat, all metals and direct sunlight. Moisture will cause latex to gradually rot, heat will start to melt it, metals cause permanent staining and sunlight will bleach it. Don't be tempted to hang your latex outside or on radiators and do not tumble dry. When out in your rubber we recommend avoiding direct sunlight and applying some beGloss UV daylight protection to help protect your gear. 

All oils are damaging to latex and will cause staining (with exception of silicone oils). For this reason avoid using body moisturisers and self tans before wear. It's also good practice to wash or wipe clean your garment after use as sweat and body oils can over time gradually damage latex.  Do not use perfumes or antiperspirants when wearing your garment, these products contain a mixture of chemicals that can react with latex.

When dressing, always be extremely careful of sharp objects such as jewellery, rings or fingernails which can tear the latex. Use a flat broad hand to pull your garment up, take your time and don't pull too hard as this can stretch the latex we recommend a high quality dressing aid such as Vividress dressing aid.

A full wash isn't required for short term use of your gear, a simple wipe over with a damp cloth is enough. After a longer use, fill a bath tub or sink with lukewarm water we recommend Viviclean latex cleaner as this also contains a disinfectant,  rinse well to ensure no soap residue is left. Latex can appear to have lighter patches, this is particularly noticeable in translucent colours but dont worry these are not stains and will disappear as the latex dries. 

Powder the inside of your garments with non perfumed talc, DO NOT USE BABY TALC as this will have a scent added,  we recommend Latex care powder. Store in a dark dry place away from metals and metal hangers. A  suit bag with a high neck is perfect, if using a plastic bag ensure non of the ink from any branding on the bag comes into contact with your rubber. You can store similar colours together in the same bag but don’t mix as the light and dark colours will bleed onto the lighter ones.


Extra care needs to be taken when wearing any item which has a zip which passes down under the crotch. We recommend that whenever possible the zip pulls are kept at the very end of the zipper.  Whilst it may look nice to have these zip pulls hidden away under your crotch, when you walk the top of your thighs will rub together, if a zip pull is between your thighs it will damage your gear