Measurement service & latex care

We offer a free measuring service at our Manchester workshop,  but we ask that you contact us in advance to agree a mutually agreeable time to measure. If your not able to visit us in Manchester we provide a very simple, easy to follow measurement form for you to complete at home, we also happy to assist with help and guidance in how to measure yourself with a video call (please contact us once you have made your booking to arrange a mutually convenient time for your video call

When placing an order please do not be tempted to go for a smaller size, we hand make all the clothes and make allowances for the stretch given by the rubber.

Click here to download measurement form

Always use a flexible measuring tape, and measure next to the skin, not over the clothes.

We also recommend asking a friend to confirm your measurements. 

Rubberpigs rubber is leached to remove the substances which can cause allergic reactions, however, residual proteins and chemicals in natural latex may3 cause an allergic reaction in a very small number of people. If you are susceptible to allergies caused by latex, you are advised not to come into contact with this product. 

When you receive your rubber or latex goodies from Rubberpigs you may notice that your item has had talc applied prior to dispatch, this protects the item, but don't worry this item can be restored to its former glory with the application of some silicone lubricant, choose a lubricant that works for you.

For a brilliant shine use a product made specifically for shining latex clothes; it creates a wet look that doesn't leave a greasy film on the clothing. Silicone spray works well for a quick shine, but make sure to apply it outdoors 

After each use wash your latex in lukewarm water with mild soap. Hang to dry or towel dry (Do not use any artificial heat) Powder the inside of your garments with non perfumed talc and polish the outside with your silicone lubricant.

Do not allow your latex to come into contact with oils or petroleum based products like massage oils as it will destroy the latex.

Keep your latex away from direct heat and sunlight. Store in a cool dry place. 

When dressing, always be extremely careful of sharp objects such as jewellery, rings or fingernails which can tear the latex. Use a flat broad hand to pull your garment up, take your time and don't pull to hard as this can stretch the latex.