American Football shorts
* All American football style shorts* Lace up front* Choose main colour* Choose stripe colour* Made ..
Army shorts
* Go commando in these shorts* Choose your own colour* 2 Functional pockets* Belt loops* Made from 0..
Backless zip shorts
* backless shorts* Crotch zip* Choose your own colour..
Booster Shorts
* Shaped side panel strip to emphasise your backside* Choose main colour* Choose side stripe / ..
Boy shorts
* Choose main colour for shorts* Made from 0.4 thick rubber..
Cargo shorts
* Choose main colour* Choose panel / pocket colour - waist band will be matching* Choose y..
Chaps shorts
* Skin tight* Lace up back* Side D Ring* 0.4 thick rubber* Choose your favourite colour Rubberp..
Cheeky shorts
* Chaps style for easy access* Choose your favourite colour ..
Cod piece briefs
* These shorts come with the option to be  backless and open as in the picture, or a closed bac..
Cod piece shorts SPECIAL EDITION
* Cod piece * Matching side stripes* Backless* Made from 0.4 rubberRubberpigs know that we are ..
Codpiece shorts
* Long leg shorts* Choose main colour* Choose codpiece panel colour* Made from 0.4 rubberRubberpigs ..
Contrast cycle shorts
* Choose main colour* Choose side strip colour* Why not add a crotch zipRubberpigs know that we..
Contrast shorts
* Choose main colour* Choose contrast side panel colour..
Cycle shorts with zip option
* Long leg cycle style shorts* Choose your favourite colour* Why not add a zipRubberpigs know that w..
Jock chaps
* These shorts have a larger opening at the front, perfect if wearing a jock* Open back for easy acc..
Limited edition long leg side stripe
* These long leg shorts are backless* Choose your own colour and stripe colour* Comes with  var..
Logo Cycle with zip option
* These long leg cycle shorts come in a variety of colours with the distinctive swoosh logo* Wh..
Long leg side stripe
* These long leg shorts have 2 side stripes, * A crotch or thru zip can be addedRubberpigs know..
Translucent cod piece shorts
* These long leg shorts have a cod piece jockstrap in orange and translucent rubber* Please contact ..
Translucent long leg
* These long leg shorts are translucent Rubberpigs know that we are all different shapes and si..
X Shorts
* Choose main colour* Choose front panel colour* Made from 0.4 thick rubber Rubberpigs know tha..
Zip shorts
* Crotch zip, zip can be extended to include backside - please note zip is black unless otherwise st..
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